E.S.P. is a small team of people dedicated to improving people’s quality of life.

This site is dedicated to the many aspects of Dysphagia. Swallowing difficulties can arise from birth all through to end of life. It has many forms.

Here you will find education and training programs, groups, forums and information on many aspects of Dysphagia.

This is a place were people can come together and share ideas and techniques with others. If you are someone who need tips, a professional looking to share ideas, a family or friends searching for information, you can search and find and ask on the community forum.

Speech Pathology relies on science and research to understand swallowing and it’s impact on our lives.

Although there are many great ideas here, if you have a swallowing difficulty, nothing replaces an assessment from a qualified professional. Please seek professional advice from you GP and your chosen Speech Pathologist.

David Barnier is founder and owner of Endeavour Speech Pathology. His main areas of Speech Pathology are Aged Care Dysphagia, Voice and Stuttering. He is also part owner of Irons and Craig with Antony Perring and founder of The Village Garden Project.